Meet My New Comic Duo, Glib & Hackney!

Glib and Hackney are my new characters that I’m going to try and turn into comics and motion comics.  Basically, Glib (the one with the “G” on his shirt) is a moody over-educated guy, and Hackney (the one with “H” on his shirt) is a weird thing that mostly speaks in hackneyed expressions.  If these characters catch on, I’ll try to write up issue-sized quests for the two and make them available online.

The artistic style for Glib and Hackney is simplified so that I can create them quickly.  I’m still working on The Shopper Awakes comic, but that takes so much longer.

Below is the youtube motion comic video I made as well as the original comic form.

Glib & Hackney contains adult humor and isn’t recommended for young audiences.



Glib and Hackney

Glib and Hackney Issue 1 page 1

I have written a book titled The Madness of Art: Short Stories available on Amazon and!


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