New Features for Panel Discussions

I realize I’m reneging on my original claim to make this site a place to find out more than you want to know about comic books, but I’d like to also make this site a place to find out more than you want to know about cartoons.  I think cartoons and comics go hand-in-hand anyways, and, odds are, if you like one you like the other.

You might be asking, what is a grown man doing watching cartoons?  For one, I find cartoons to be perfectly suitable entertainment for adults (why chastize someone for watching Tom and Jerry instead of America’s Got Talent or The Kardashians?), and for another, I have an idea in mind to eventually try and make kid-friendly comic books, similar to my ongoing project The Shopper Awakes, but aimed at kids.  So cartoons are a good way for me to get a general idea for what kids find funny and what’s considered acceptable.  Another reason is that, while I’m practicing drawing or trying to put together comics of my own, I like having cartoons on in the background–it creates the right atmosphere.

I’m also a huge-huge fan of adult-oriented cartoons like The Simpsons.  Interestingly, since I started watching The Simpsons during the first season, when I was too young to understand even half of the jokes, I feel like The Simpsons have been around me for just about my whole life.  I also enjoy other similar programs like Futurama, King of the Hill, The Critic, South Park and Family Guy.

Plus, a lot of people who work in cartoons also work in comics.  For example, Paul Dini, who’s written tons of Batman comics, has also written for the Star Wars: Clone Wars computer animated Cartoon Network show.  Additionally, Paul Dini wrote for Freakazoid, a childhood favorite of mine.  Juanjo Guarnido who does the artwork for Blacksad got his start with Disney, helping design the character of Hades for the Hercules animated feature.  Even Mike Mignola (writer/artist for Hellboy, Witchfinder, and BPRD) has worked for Disney, helping style the animated film Atlantis.

If that’s not enough, plenty of cartoons have been turned into comics (The Simpsons, Futurama, and Spongebob Squarepants), and many comics have been turned into cartoons (Batman: The Animated Series–also by Paul Dini–X-Men, The Tick, Justice League and many more).

I’m hoping by doing this Panel Discussions will not only get more views, but also help people who like cartoons to like comics, and vice versa.  Whenever possible I’ll include links to where you can watch cartoons online for free (legally).

Also, I’m going to try and make a page called Kid Stuff and add it to the sidebar.  That’s where I’ll put comics and cartoons I find that are suitable to be enjoyed by kids.

I've written a book of short stories available on Amazon (not for kids).



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