Comic Book Pick of the Day: Uncanny X-Force #10

photo of Uncanny X-Men #10

To be honest, Uncanny X-Force #10 was a so-so comic.  It was a pick-up issue, meaning it was an issue to help segue from one story arc to another.  I understand these are entirely necessary in comics, otherwise a lot of comics would be practically impossible to follow.  There needs to be issues where characters sit around and talk it out, and oftentimes I like these issues more than ones with tons of fighting.  This one features a fight between Wolverine and Angel, but if you’ve read enough comics, you’ll know that these fights are usually pretty arbitrary and not much comes from them.

The reason why I recommend this issue is because I think the higher-ups at Marvel had the right idea with this one.  Sensing the issue by itself wasn’t so great, Marvel included an entire issue of Iron Man 2.0!  I guess this is like how theaters in the 50s gave audiences a feature film and a second feature for the price of one admission.  In this case, the second feature was better than the main feature!  Iron Man 2.0 #3 was a pretty good comic, written by Nick Spencer (who also writers T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents), a writer I’m quickly becoming a fan of.


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