Ridiculous Rare Superhero Movie and TV Show Clips

Superheroes being featured in movies and TV is hardly a new development.  Marvel and DC have been making forays into the small and big screen for decades, with varying success.  The funny part of it is, it seems the big companies are a bit ashamed of their past, as a lot of the clips featured below are not available on DVD, but thanks to fanboys with VCRs, these ridiculous clips were preserved.

Legends of the Superheroes

I think this was a show slapped together after noticing the success of the old Adam West/Burt Ward Batman series.  This should strike some people as exciting: In mid-October if I remember correctly Warner Brothers will finally be releasing this on DVD.  Should make for some campy fun.

Silver Surfer

This is a truly ridiculous short film.  First, marvel at the old-school CGI used in this Marvel production.  Then, notice the outrageous product placement at the end.  I’m glad Silver Surfer’s here to save the world from Terminator action figures.  As far as I know, this wasn’t put on DVD, but someone put it on Youtube and it’s had half-a-million views.


I didn’t know until today that this is available on DVD!  Every clip I see of this movie makes me laugh.  It’s so over-the-top ridiculous.  Also, this seems nothing like the DC character Steel, who’s usually more stoical and reserved.  Shaq delivers a trademark delightfully hammy performance.  Hopefully now that he’s retired from basketball, he can make Steel II.

Batman (1966)

Unfortunately, due to a long ongoing legal battle between Warner and DC, the camp classic 60’s Batman series is unavailable on DVD, but if you have cable, it’s on weeknights on a channel called Hub.  Thankfully, the full length feature film is on DVD, and the clip from above is from that.  Isn’t it hysterical?  The movie has several more ridiculous scenes.  The cast for the show is pretty good.  It stars Adam West (who’s currently playing the oddball mayor on Family Guy) and Burt Ward (who’s written a memoir called My Life in Tights).  The supporting cast features Burgess Meredith as the Penguin.  He was on several Twilight Zone episodes (including the famous one where a man who loves to read survives the apocalypse, realizes he has all the time in the world to read without interruption, but then breaks his glasses), a good many films, and was a scene-stealer in the Grumpy Old Men franchise, where he played Jack Lemmon’s dad.  Batman also features Frank Gorshin as The Riddler.  He was a really funny comedic actor.  Check out this clip (below) of Frank Gorshin appearing on The Dean Martin Show.

Corey Pung, the writer of this blog, has written a book of short stories.

Are there more ridiculous or rare superhero movie or TV show clips I should know about?


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