Drawing in the Wind: Bob Dylan Revisited Graphic Novel Review

Bob Dylan Revisited Graphic Novel

Don’t be confused; Bob Dylan Revisited is a comic book, it just takes as its source material the lyrics of a handful of Dylan songs.  Many talented artists contributed to this project, drawing up panel illustrations of their interpretation of Dylan’s often surreal poetic writing.

In many instances, I loved the artwork.  The book is published in an oversized format, allowing the artists a lot of freedom.  A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall is rendered in lush colors and is among my favorites here.  The one problem I have with it is that it ends with a mushroom cloud on the horizon, suggesting the song’s title is a reference to nuclear fallout, which isn’t solely what the song deals with.  Another big stand-out–and fans of comics, specifically Sandman, will be excited about this–is Dave McKean’s reimagining of Dylan’s epic punk pastoral Desolation Row.  McKean uses several different styles, with the art taking on intensity as it goes along.

The drawback of Bob Dylan Revisited is that it only covers 13 songs.  It’s pretty short and you can read through the whole thing in a matter of minutes.  For this reason, it’s not necessarily a book I’d recommend you buy (it costs $25) unless you’re looking for a good coffee table book, and Bob Dylan Revisited is exactly that.


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