Comic Book Pick of the Day: Sad Sack #227

Sad Sack

Scanned cover to Sad Sack

Sad Sack was one of the flagship titles put out by Harvey Comics, the same company that gave the world such notable characters as Casper the Friendly Ghost and Richie Rich.  Harvey Comics is also where the classic Harveytoons came from.  The company itself is pretty interesting.  While so many comic book publishers turned to violence and sensationalistic stories to boost sales, Harvey Comics went on making light, kid-friendly comics for decades, sustaining themselves by cross-merchandizing and expanding to other media forms.

Sad Sack is a pretty delightful character.  He’s basically this bumbling private who’s been in the army since World War II (but there’s not much of a chronology to the comic), getting into constant hijinks and dustups with his superior officer General Rockjaw.  I’d recommend you take a minute to at least look at Sad Sack.  The character designs are simplistic but also very entertaining.  Look at how each character’s a combination of geometric shapes–circle stomaches, squarish or triangular noses, and weird rhomboid faces.  I’m sure most issues of Sad Sack are of about the same quality, so you don’t have to search for this specific issue.  One thing funny about this one: although the cover shows them playing baseball, they never do in the comic itself.


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