Panel Discussions Gets a Much Needed Update

It seems I’m doing a little relaunching of my own.  I started back around June and it’s barely had views since then.  In all fairness, much of the fault was my own.  The site was pretty bland looking, so today I sat down and made a bunch of changes.  First off, there’s a new theme, which is hopefully an improvement on the look of the site.  More importantly, I’ve added three new pages–Graphic Novel Reviews, Issue Reviews and Opinions and Essays.  Those should make navigating Panel Discussions much easier.  Also, I’m going to make an effort to add more content over the next week, so that hopefully I’ll move ever closer to my goal of providing more than you need to know about comic books.

I’m still formulating ideas in my head for comics I’m going to try to write and draw myself then upload onto this site for free.  I can’t give a date for when that’ll happen, but consider bookmarking or subscribe to it.  Subscription’s free!


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