Opinions and Essays!

Here are all of the various essays I’ve written so far as well as some of my opinions on comics.  They’re in alphabetical order.

Annataz Emoc Kcab!

Artist Spotlight: Yuko Shimizu

Best Ongoing Comic

Comic Book Movies: Avoid the Hype?

Comic You Have to Read: Krazy Kat

DC Relaunch?  Nooooooooooooo!!!

Don’t Judge a Comic by Its Cover

Don’t Shoot the Manhunter

The Evolution of the Page

How To Help Your Kids Pick Out Comics

How To Read Comics to Your Heart’s Delight on a Tiny Budget

Is Making Your Own Comic Possible?

Movies That Inspired Comics

The New DC Lineup

O For A Million Dollars: The Comics I Should be Reading

Only Immaterial Witnesses and Cluelessness: The Anti-Detective in Literature and Film (including an analysis of The Dark Knight)

Remembering the War of the Green Lanterns

What Were the Best Comics of 2011?

What’s in a Name?  The Secret Identities of Superheroes

Will Eisner: Early Master of the Form

Xombi, I Hardly Knew Ye

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