Comic Book Pick of the Day: Secret Invasion: X-Men #2

X-Men Terry Dodson cover art 

Scan of X-Men: Secret Invasion, cover art by Terry and Rachel Dodson

It always amazes me when comic book writers manage to mult-task and write not only several different series, but also do entirely different genres.  Mike Carey seems to do just about everything.  He wrote John Constantine Hellblazer for a while, then wrote a ton of X-Men comics, and now is writing one of my favorite comics The Unwritten.  Today’s pick is an issue he wrote for the whole epic Secret Invasion Marvel cross-over event from 2008.  Unfortunately, 2008 was a year when I wasn’t reading comics, but that means the whole Secret Invasion is largely new to me.

Secret Invasion: X-Men #2 has other stuff going for it beyond the writing.  The cover art is penciled by the popular artist Terry Dodson and colored by his wife Rachel. The interior art is special too, as it’s drawn by Cary Nord who brings a very rounded approach (and draws Nightcrawler especially well).  The colors by Dave McCaig are excellent–they’re the type of colors that make you do a double take to see if you’re looking at an oil painting or not.  Secret Invasion: X-Men #2 is worth digging through bins for.

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