Artist Spotlight: Yuko Shimizu

The Unwritten is one of the absolute best comics on the market right now, and one of the reasons why is Yuko Shimizu’s cover art.  So far, I believe Yuko has supplied the cover-art to all 27 issues and shows no signs of stopping.

I don’t know if there’s any artist I envy more than Yuko Shimizu right now.  Her covers aren’t necessarily slick or flashy and they might not jump out at you at the comic book store, but when you look at them up-close they have an arresting quality.  One thing I like is that they maintain a hand-drawn look–they’re not covers that try to airbrush or photoshop the inks and pencils out of existence.

I also greatly enjoy and admire the color schemes of her covers, in that all of the colors seem to correspond with each other.

Scanned cover of The Unwritten #26, art by Yuko Shimizu.

Scanned cover of The Unwritten #27


Also, I read recently that the editor for The Unwritten quit the book amicably to pursue other projects.  The good news is, the new editor is Karen Berger.  She played a huge role in bringing The Sandman to Vertigo, so hopefully her input will make what is already a good series even better.

To see more of Yuko’s art, check out The Unwritten each month.  I just found Yuko Shimizu’s homepage.


One thought on “Artist Spotlight: Yuko Shimizu

  1. My apologies everyone. I had my info here wrong. For some reason, I thought Yuko Shimizu was a man just because I apparently don’t know Japanese names very well. I even took two years of Japanese language classes at high school and in college.

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