Comic Book Pick of the Day: Iron Man 2.0: Fear Itself

Iron Man 2.0: Fear Itself

I’m pretty out of the loop when it comes to Marvel.  This is largely because over the past year I’ve been spending my alloted comic budget mostly on comics involving the death and return of Bruce Wayne, or zombie DC characters,or the War of the Green Lanterns.  I was so caught up in DC that I barely bought any Marvel comics at all, except for what I found in bargain bins.  Fear Itself got me hooked this summer (for more on that, click here).  Only yesterday did I find out that War Machine has his own comic called Iron Man 2.0.

Fear Itself is, to sum it up quickly, a series about seven mystical hammers akin to Thor’s plummeting to Earth and possessing whatever characters are there to snatch them up.  The Thing, for instance, is possessed and fights the Red Hulk in Avengers Fear Itself.

Plot wise, not that much happens in Iron Man 2.0.  It’s clearly an issue that’s building up to what will most likely be an intense next issue.  The main reason why I recommend it is that most of the artwork’s done by Ariel Olivetti who brings an interesting style to the book, including colors that look like watercolors or airbrushing but are probably photoshopped–or are perhaps a combination of different techniques.  I happen to like such coloring, like in Xombi or J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman.  Also, the issue’s written by Nick Spencer, a guy who knows how to craft smart and enjoyable dialogue (check out his work with T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents).

Also, I usually like just about any comic that features an appearance by Iron Fist.  It also features a sumo wrestler who moonlights as a superhero, or vice versa.

If you liked Iron Man 2.0: Fear Itself, check out my post featuring five quick graphic novel reviews.


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