Comic Pick of the Day: Batman Incorporated #7

Since I was just writing about Grant Morrison, I decided I might as well write about one of my favorite new purchases written by him, Batman Incorporated issue 7.excuse the cheapness of my method. For those of you who haven’t much followed the newer adventures of Batman (and they have been hard to follow ever since the R.I.P. storyline that culminated with Batman’s “death” in Final Crisis), Batman Incorporated is the series Morrison started after completing an awesome run on Batman and Robin.  While Batman and Robin centered around Dick Grayson wearing the cowl and mentoring Bruce Wayne’s son Damian, this series involves Bruce returning to the land of the living, not exactly the same man he was before.  After being dragged through space-and-time in Morrison’s The Return of Bruce Wayne, our hero has a new perspective, and realizes he’ll have to recruit help should the world need saving again.  Batman Incorporated then is the story of Bruce’s jetsetting new lifestyle, where each storyline involves him recruiting new members.  Likewise, Grant Morrison recruits new artists every two or three issues, and manages to work with some of the best.  This issue’s pencilled by Chris Burnham who also drew Morrison’s Joe the Barbarian mini-series.

This particular issue finds Batman visiting a small bordertown to recruit two desert lawmen.  The reason why I recommend this one is because most of the issue follows the two vigilantes–a father and son duo, no less–instead of Bruce.  The way the story is formulated resembles Will Eisner‘s method with The Spirit, which was to keep The Spirit on the periphery, ready to jump in and try to to save the day if he should need to.  This method allows the writer to write all sorts of stories, while allowing for continuity since there’s a recurring character.  That’s also the method Neil Gaiman employed with his amazing Sandman series.

Also, now is as good a time as any to pick up this comic, since DC has mentioned that, after the giant retcon at the end of summer, they want Bruce to return home, sensing he’s been away too long.  This notion seems to undo all of the work Morrison has put in redefining the character.  I’ve heard that Morrison will still be writing a Batman title, but no word yet if it’ll still be Batman Incorporated.  check out my book available on Amazon and



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