This summer, make mine Marvel.

At the risk of sounding like a fairweather fan, I’m going to have to say that this summer I’m more interested in Marvel comics than DC.  Normally, I’d praise DC, and if you would have asked me a month ago, I’d give you a dozen reasons why DC is in my opinion a better company than Marvel.  That was all before I knew about the universe-wide reboot of DC happening this fall.  To me, this makes all of the comics being brought out now seem inconsequential, since the story’s are just going to change anyways after Flashpoint.

The other reason why I’d put Marvel ahead of DC for the next two months or so is this: from what I’ve read, Marvel’s epic summer story Fear Itself is better than DC’s epic Flashpoint.  This judgement is partially due to my own prejudices: I usually don’t care much for alternate-reality or alternate-timeline stories.  Does anyone remember the long Superman storyline where the Joker somehow became lord and master of all reality and the only one who could stop him was Superman?  It was a long story that ended with no real repercussions to the DC universe, and hasn’t been mentioned since in any DC book I’ve read.  Fear Itself on the other hand seems pretty exciting.  

I’ve been way behind on comics recently, so I didn’t pick up the first issue of Fear Itself until yesterday, and it is awesome.  A lot of action and plot were jammed into one oversized issue.  It reminded me a lot of Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis epic–and despite what anyone says, I love Final Crisis.  Matt Fraction’s writing was fast-paced and exciting and Stuart Immonen’s art was pretty good.  The one problem I have with the series is this: it revolves around different characters getting hammers similar to Thor’s that change their abilities–doesn’t that seem reminiscent of the Geoff Johns Green Lantern stories from the past two years, where different characters are given power rings?  Whatever.  Seeing Red Hulk fight a hammer wielding Thing was pretty sweet (in Avengers: Fear Itself).

Even though I’m mad at DC for the reboot (read my initial thoughts here) I’m sure I’ll go back to being a nerdy, salivating fanboy once the issues restart at issue one, whether I want to admit to it or not.  For now though, definitely make min here to check out my book of short stories.


One thought on “This summer, make mine Marvel.

  1. I agree with you about Flashpoint compared to Fear Itself. I am also not big on the alternate-reality type stuff. I am moving my blog off of WordPress and starting a self-hosted site geared toward guys in their 30s, would you want to be our comic contributor? Just post a weekly column like this about comics, it can be reviews, whatever. Obviously you will get credited as the author. You could even just repost the same thing you post on this blog, but it should result in increased traffic for you. Let me know

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