Comic Book Pick of the Day: Green Arrow #6

Green Arrow #6 (2001), signed by Matt Wagner.

Consider this a lesson in always checking bargain bins.  Once when I went to my favorite local comic book store called Cosmic Monkey I saw that they had a lot of their back issues on sale for a mere fifty to seventy-five cents.  After browsing around for a while, snatching up a good many, I happened to find this issue of Green Arrow back from when Kevin Smith was rebooting the series.  Not only is it a pretty good read, featuring cameos from Batman, Black Canary, and Etrigan (this novelty demon guy who speaks in rhymes), but, if you look at the picture above, it’s signed by Matt Wagner, who did the cover art.  Wagner is a pretty big name in comics now.  His series Batman and the Monster Men was pretty good.  So I managed to get a signed copy for less than a buck, presumably because the comic was mixed into the sale by mistake.  That’s not a mistake I’m willing to correct.

By the way, if anyone reading this is a Green Arrow fan, do the new stories adhere to the origin story created by Kevin Smith’s run with Quiver?


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