Nerdlinger News: DC Relaunch? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

I’ve been seriously out of the loop on new comic book releases this summer, and all because I have very little money.  So now I’m the last nerdlinger to find out that DC’s going to relaunch 52 entire ongoing series at the end of the summer.  Not only that, but this means the destruction of the DCU as we know it, to be replaced by a “new-reader friendly” retconned one.  One thing this is going to entail is new costumes.  They’ve tried to add an updated twenty-first century look by making more of the heroes’ costumes one solid color with a logo.  For some reason, they also added seamlines to the costumes that are supposed to make them seem slick.  While this might make the comics more exciting to new readers, it seriously throws off longtime fans.

As much as I like John Byrne as a writer of Superman (he’s written some of the absolute best issues) I resented how Byrne’s reboot tossed out so much of the older, goofier continuity.  Since then, Superman and his villains have been more serious.  Now we have to have this happen to all of our favorite DC heroes?

This seems too familiar to the Spiderman reboot.  J. M. Stracynzki wrote some of the best Spiderman books, only to have the series retconned and rebooted right when he was done as part of the Civil War aftermath.  Suddenly, Harry Osborne was back alive, MJ was no longer Mrs. Parker, and Peter was back at the Daily Bugle.  Around that time, Spiderman went from being my favorite comic to one that I’ll pick up every blue moon.  When I recently heard Uncle Spidey was killed off (in the Ultimate universe) I was strangely unfazed.

The thought of this happening to DC makes me feel cheated.  Here I’ve been following every big event, just because DC says “This’ll change the DC universe forever!”  Except it will only affect the DCU until September, when it really will be changed forever.  My question is, will the current War of the Green Lantern story’s outcome have any effect on the new universe?  I’ve been spending more money than I’d like on it, and might just stop collecting it if it’s illusory.

My other question is, should DC really be putting new fans ahead of the older, more faithful ones?  Sure, new fans might latch on to the slicker styles hitting this fall, but it’s likely their interests’ will peter out once something good’s on TV.  For the first time, so too will the faithful fan’s attention wane.

Here’s an informative article I found.

Here’s another more recent post on the subject.




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