Comic Book Pick of the Day: New Avengers #40.

new avengers #40

today's comic book pick of the day.

For my money, Brian Michael Bendis is the best writer Marvel has going for it since Brian K. Vaughan quit Runaways years ago.  New Avengers #40, from the massive Secret Invasion epic, is overall a pretty fun read.  It’s pencilled by Jim Cheung, who keeps his images crisp and puts in just the right amount of detail at a time when too many Marvel books are too shadowy and too murky.  The colorist Justin Ponsor does a great job too, creating color schemes that apply to the entire page.  For instance, some pages are done for the most in black and shades of purple, creating a stylized effect that’s cinematic in the right sense of the word.

Only a few pages into New Avengers #40, Reed Richards has his head blown off.  As it turns out, Reed was a shapeshifting clone, and the real Reed is perfectly fine thousands of miles away.  Marvel seems to love its fake-out deaths.  Click here to read of a similar instance in Tales to Astonish #13.

Check out my review of the entire run of New Avengers from 2004-2010.


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