Comic Pick of the Day: Heart Throbs #126

This picture was not altered in any way.

Revisiting the romance genre.

A lot of comic book connoisseurs have conveniently forgotten about the romance lines that were produced heavily in the 60s and 70s.  Today’s pick of the day, published by DC in 1970, “Heart Throbs” I put in as a reminder.  DC, Marvel, and all the major companies branched out around the same time, publishing genre books such as Westerns, World War II stories, monster books, and even comic books where soldiers in WW II fought monsters.  Heart Throbs was one of the many books that sought to attract female readers, but never really caught on.  A lot of girls most likely felt patronized by the overly sentimental books.

Heart Throbs 126 has a lot of ridiculous kitschy stuff in it, such as an informative page called Dates N’ Mates full of such helpful tips as “Today it’s your fashion look that means everything!” and “Guys can wear paisley… and add a neck scarf, too!  Create a mood and don’t be chicken to wear it!”  Take that advice to heart, everyone.  There’s also a Miss Lonelyhearts style page where a woman answers her readers’ questions with advice like “any sensible seventeen year old girl will know you can’t get your man through jealousy.”

Campiness aside, there’s some good things about the issue.  Some of the art is actually quite good, while other portions look like Barbie and Ken dolls.  It seems none of the authors or artists sought credit, as no names are listed anywhere as far as I can tell.  If you can’t find this issue, no biggie, all the romance comics books I’ve glanced over are good at least for laughs.

Plenty of girls like quality comics like The Sandman, Bone, and Fables anyways.

If you like this look back on Heart Throbs 126, check out my review of a more moden romance, Mister Wonderful.


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