Comic Book Pick of the Day: Tales to Astonish #13, Starring the Sub-Mariner

tales to astonish #13

I think the Sub-Mariner's face is based on mine.

Here’s another delightful find, this time from 1980: Tales to Astonish issue 13.  The first that makes this noteworthy is the issue’s title “Death, Thou Shalt Die.”  Sounds like something from Plan 9 From Outer Space.  It begins with the Sub-Mariner mourning the loss of his beloved Lady Dorma.  He then leaps into battle fighting Naga, this reptile-man with a magic crown made of snakes.  He also faces Naga’s trusted bodyguard Karthon, a big brute character.  When Sub-Mariner’s got Naga on the ropes, Naga reveals the body he saw wasn’t Lady Dorma, it was…  Karthon’s wife?  The issue ends with Sub-Mariner and Karthon beating up Naga, making Naga the dumbest villain imaginable.

This issue also had some noteworthy ads.  One is for a kid’s cartoon show featuring the cast of Happy Days traveling through time.  I’d like to find that show.  Another ad features Iron-Man advertising fruit pies. While rifling through a bucket of fruit pies, Iron-Man says “Send in these Hostess Fruit Pies, then I’ll listen in on their conversation with my cyber-helmet receiver…”  Later, he manages to punch several goons at once and fruit pies fly through the air.  While doing so, he says “Now’s the time for a little heavy-handedness!”  I’m not making this up.

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If you liked reading about Tales to Astonish issue 13, check out my post on DC’s dorkiest comic.


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