Comic Book Pick of the Day: The Unwritten #19

For its entire 26 issue run thus far The Unwritten has been a great series.  It blends fantasy quests with metafiction, classic book trivia, conspiracies, and the search for identity.  It revolves around Tom Taylor, a young man whose father has written a popular book about a character named Tommy Taylor.  With that shadow hanging over him, Tom has to assert his own life instead of being the boy that every gabbing reader thinks he is.  Almost inexplicably, he gets caught up in an epic adventure where there’s a cabal of well-read individuals out to kill him.  Throw in Frankenstein, Moby Dick, and Sinbad (all make appearances) and you’ve got a great series.  I recommend issue 19 because it’s written in the style of a Choose-your-own adventure story.  You read a page and your given options of what direction the story will take.  It’s a real mind-blower.  It also contains more story in one issue than most graphic novels.

If you like The Unwritten, check out this guide featuring other non-mainstream comic books worth checking out.


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