Don’t Shoot the Manhunter

Don't shoot the Manhunter!

Watercolor painting by me. This is what the Comic Book Guy (The Simpsons) would call "Sub-Ziggy..." art

During Grant Morrison‘s epic DC mini-series Final Crisis, many characters met their end.  The most famous fatality was Batman–don’t worry, he was later revealed to be alive but living in a cave after being zapped by…  I won’t go into it.  The other death though that didn’t get much mention was my beloved Martian Manhunter.

The Martian Manhunter was, by my guess, a character created in hopes of banking off the popularity of Superman.  Similar to Supes, he’s the last survivor of his own planet.  He has an outrageous number of super powers.  He’s a stranger on Earth and doesn’t entirely understand our ways.  He has tights and a cape and flies.

Other than his ability to shapechange, one difference he has to Supes is that he never really adjusts to life on Earth.  He always walks around stoically, acting virtuous like a modern noble savage.  I think it’s his inability to fit into American society that makes him an interesting character, as well as one that’s integral to DC’s universe.  The world’s full of misplaced persons, and they need a hero too.  So, my message to DC: now that you’ve brought The Martian Manhunter back to life in the Brightest Day maxi-series, don’t kill him off again on a whim.  Don’t shoot the Manhunter.


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