Comic Pick of the Day: Thor #3 (2008)

As I wrote earlier, Thor was one of my least favorite of the well known heroes.  The movie generated some interest in the series for me, so I checked out the graphic novel Thor Vol. 1 from Marvel.  Now, this is a revamp of the series, and in many ways a retcon.  It’s written J.M. Stracynzki, a guy with a knack for revamping/retconning/ and reinventing superheroes (see his current run on Wonder Woman and Superman).  He also provided the story for the new film.  Issue 3 is the one I’d recommend most.  It features Iron Man and Thor squaring off, but that’s not why I’m plugging it here.  Normally, I hate when two superheroes fight each other.  It seems like an obvious ploy to bring in new readers.  Going into it, you should already know that one of the heroes isn’t going to vanquish the other.  They always exchange the requisite amount of punches, then kiss and make up (the only exception I can think of is Batman: The Dark Knight Returns).  That’s essentially what happens in this issue.  The reason I recommend it is because Stracynzki set the whole melee in Post-Katrina New Orleans.  There’s a great scene where Thor looks on the wreckage and wishes he had done something when the hurricane hit (but he was dead at the time).  That’s today’s pick.  Check in tomorrow!


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